06. August 2013
In the past few months I have had the pleasure of working on a few different infographic projects, and I think I have just added two of my new favorites! Check out the new ones here and here!
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Horn of Africa

09. March 2013
I was recently asked to help in updating a logo for the forces in the Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa. The request was to make a logo that could also become a patch, using influences from Africa and their past and current logos, and turned out to be a very interesting project to work on!

Check out the finals here.

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Blasting Off

01. January 2013

The thing I love about design is that sometimes you get to do things that are pretty out there just to meet a need. Now I can't yet mention exactly what the end result of this photoshoot is for, but I can say that is might have something to do with getting kids to eat their veggies, and it was a lot of fun to create these rockets! Thanks to John Astorino for the great photography! 3....2...1...blast off!

***UPDATE: Check out the poster series this photo shoot was a part of here.
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Beer Blog

03. September 2011

I recently created the logo for Hopping Around, a beer blog dedicated to all things beer. The blog is the brainchild of Zachary Saale and Lloyd Greenfield, two best friends who decided to bring their burgeoning knowledge of beer to the web to give others a chance to find new beers to try without all the snobbery of some other beer reviewers. As a beer lover myself, this was a fun project to be a part of.
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29. August 2011
Sometimes I think that if I were not a designer, I would love to be a baker. I had almost forgotten about this project until I was flipping through iPhoto and came across some shots I had taken a few years ago. I made/decorated cookies to mimic the tool palette designers are too familiar with, and while they were never used in my project's final product, they were an enjoyable (and tasty!) challenge for me.
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As Seen on Canal

19. May 2011
At Scott Carroll Designs I got to work on a bus wrap for a partner city tour that has just started between the National WWII Museum and Gray Line Tours. We finished up the final design a little over a month ago, but had not heard much about its progress until I spotted it on Canal Street the other day while waiting for the streetcar. I saw it again today and it was parked momentarily so I was able to get a few shots on my phone before it drove off again. So exciting to see my work out and about!

The opposite side of the van features photos from Gray Line tours, but sadly that side was facing oncoming traffic. Not so safe. I can't wait til we can get the van to drop by and let us take some proper photos!
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Mother's Day

10. May 2011
I feel like my 4 years of college for design makes it a necessity that I make my own cards for family and friends on holidays or occasions. Below is some handdrawn type used for a Mother's Day card.

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The Beginning

08. May 2011
While I set this site up primarily as a portfolio site, from time to time I'd like to share some personal projects I work that may not necessarily fit in other sections. Stay tuned.

This is one of my favorite pieces, a prototype for a personal business card.
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